Quickly set up your own web shop

Salery web shop software allows you to quickly set up your own web shop. You don't need special hardware or a dedicated server and you don't need to pay even a small amount of money for each advertised item.

Salery lets you maintain a database in the simplest way possible. Just start the Salery application, enter a title and a description for the item you want to sell, decide on the price and whether you want to use PayPal, and on to the next item. Simple as that.

A great feature is Salary's ability to directly upload your Web Shop to your FTP account. Almost every ISP offers an FTP account with your subscription. Salery makes it easy to set up your FTP account and to make your web shop accessible to the entire World Wide Web.

Salery keeps a library of all the pictures you use. This means that you can easily use pictures again and don't need to worry about where to store files that you might need later. Salery does this for you.

Salery makes it easy to design your web page. It creates a style sheet that is included with the web pages it generates. Salery users who have experience with designing homepages may replace the style sheet to adjust the lay-out to that of their own homepage.



Salery 1.0.4